Sleep, but Never Rest

Recording my dreams since 1998

08/31/2014: Dream Catch Up…Kinda

I’ve been sick and on medication, so I’ve not had very vivid dreams or the energy to post here. So here are snippets of what I do remember from random dreams in the last week:

  • Charlie* was in my dream last night as a minor character. I remember bumping into him in some hallway, but there was very little interaction.
  • A dream with a hammock made of a blue sheet. 
  • A dream where I was shown four different vials/small bottles and I thought the colors of the lids were important to remember.
  • A dream that was plot-like. There was a main guy character in a university building’s auditorium taking an exam. It looked like the auditorium my communication classes were in. He finished the test quickly and held it up to the teacher and showed his arm that was slashed and bleeding. It looked as if a metal cord was wrapped around his arm and pulled super tight. The marks meant something and the teacher motioned for him to come talk to him. Another part of that dream had small triangular things that looked similar to almonds with shells. They had colors that had meanings and they were vibrating. There was a connection to aliens in there somewhere.

* Name was changed.

08/21/14: Going My Way?, Training, and I Miss That Show

These dreams are probably from the fact that I started having a sore throat last night and the arthritis is flaring up in my knees.

Going My Way?

I remember clearing snow with my neighbor off of our cars early in the morning before the sun came up. They were parked in front of a Brownstone/terraced house on South Third Street in downtown Columbus.

After clearing the snow, I got in my car and the guy got in the passenger side. I remember thinking he was good-looking and nice and had dark brown hair. I thought the fact that he got in as if it were planned or normal was kinda neat - I love it when people have the guts to do unexpected things.

I said that I was going to someplace (I don’t remember where, now) and asked if he was also going that way. He sighed and said no, then, got out and got in his car.

I went the wrong way up the street and went around the block because I didn’t realize I was ON South Third. The street in waking life has metered parking along the street and garages under those apartments - my dream had it where the cars were parked at an angle off the street.

I had trouble forcing myself to remember how to get to work. I finally got to the highway, but it turned into a bus or train. While riding the bus/train that was VERY spacious, I noticed that the neighbor guy was also on it. I remember trying to understand the red marquee that told what the next stop was. The streets and intersections were unfamiliar to me.


This seemed like a continuation of the last dream, as if I were going to a new job or something. I remember it taking place in an old brick building that looked bigger on the inside. There was wood paneling and miscellaneous items around. I remember walking down stairs to enter the large area.

There was an older man who was the trainer and he said he’d start me out with “Tennis.” It was a large TV screen with a tennis game. He handed me a controller that was similar to a Wii controller. I thought that I could show off since I’m decent at Wii Tennis - at least back when I last played it. He was right handed and I could do either hand, but I wanted to start with my left. I asked him if it could be switched to left-handed and he said no. I tried with different hands and it used live action video and there was a red circle on the screen where it saw the control. The game was harder than expected.

I remember sitting in wooden chair later, exhausted. The trainer was tough on me, but I respected that. Another character was there, possibly Charlie* maybe? and he was there for support and helped me relax and at times, laugh. Once carried me over to the restroom when I forgot that I should probably take breaks. There was even a scene where I hugged him and thanked him and he was surprised. He didn’t look like Charlie at that time, though, he looked more like that good-looking neighbor from the earlier dream.

I Miss That Show

I remember watching some 1990s sci-fi TV show that I joked that anytime I saw the show, it was always the same three episodes. There was another show coming up that was a news show that I described it to my mom (who stopped by to visit) as being like CBS This Morning or CBS News or that one CBS show that runs on Sunday mornings. I looked it up on on an iPad in the dream and it said it ran from 2007-2009. I said that I missed that show.


There was a scene from one dream where I remember being late to something happening outside of a large mansion - like a wedding or some outdoor filming. I rushed up the far right side of a large audience sitting in white folding chairs and took a seat on the second chair in the front row.

* Name was changed

08/20/14: A Simple Power

Weird dream last night - I dreamed I talked to some character who said he had a ‘power’ of some sort. I told him to show me this power. He said, ‘I’ll make your phone go off, watch!’ Then my alarm on my cell phone went off and woke me up.”

— Hope on Facebook

08/16/14: Crappy Horror Movie

I don’t remember much of it, just that there was some dumb plot about characters testing some ghost or mad man that would do anything they said and they all apparently were suicidal because they kept asking it to kill them. I remember watching this thinking about how crappy his horror movie is and it will give me crappy horror movie dreams…at least they’d be interesting…

08/15/14: Open Door, Shelf, Waving, and Missing Shoes

Open Door

I remember being in a class with Charlie*-Alpha (the guy from real life the dream character is now rather loosely based on) and thought about how I’d put this on Facebook without giving away too much information, but relay it to friends. For some reason, I thought using the term “open door” made sense and thought about posting about how it was “Day 2 of Open Door.”

I wanted to ask him out, but was apprehensive about it because his ex-girlfriend (who hasn’t seen him in ages and is now married in waking life) was there and I’m friends with her. It doesn’t help that I thought they were perfect for each other when they were dating and she still had feelings for him. :(


I vaguely remember putting a container of salt on a shelf of other pantry goods.


I remember driving through a suburb and friends and teachers from high school were walking in a parade. I waved and one teacher nodded and smiled and others (in their adult form) smiled and waved back. It was kinda creepy - like they were waving goodbye.

Missing Shoes

There was a scene where I was getting ready for work and my mom gave me shoes to try on. I was frustrated because I was late for work and I remember that one shoe was always missing. Later, as a joke, I held up my feet and said, “Now both shoes are gone!” to make my mom laugh.

* Name was changed

08/14/14: Rehired and Investment Condo


I remember being rehired at some call center with an open-floor plan in a room with gray walls. I remember leaving this place in another dream.

I felt nervous as I answered the phone and said I was with Verizon, but had to correct myself and say Time Warner. I remember flipping through a set of papers with a customer’s history. They were stapled on the top left. The records started in 2007 and I thought I started working with them in 2008.

Partway through the day, the top boss (someone who looked and acted like the dean of the college I work in) invited everyone out for lunch. I didn’t realize everyone was planning to carpool, so I drove my car alone. We ate at a place that looked like a crowded Ponderosa-like restaurant that I remember being at in a previous dream.

In the previous dream, I think I remember speaking with Charlie* who worked there in some capacity (chef or owner or something).

* Name has been changed.

Investment Condo

I remember walking around Columbus with my family and I was telling them about how I was investing by renting a condo downtown. They wanted me to describe it, but it was off of East Long Street between Cleveland Avenue and North Eighth Street, so I told them I’d take them there.

It was relatively small (687 sq. ft. 1-bedroom) and was clean and empty. I kept asking myself how I could afford an extra $589 (or $598) per month for an empty condo.

08/13/14: Leader of a Rebel Army

"Thanks to a detour leading speeding cars, motorcycles, and Jake braking semi trucks past my window at night, I dreamed of missiles and bombs going off. I "rewound" the dream trying to see if it was real and it turned into a backstory about a revolution where some kid was raised to lead a rebel army. The family lived in an unfinished attic with exposed beams and insulation and the child was fed nothing but propaganda and hatred of the enemy. I think I was building the story up to where something turns his views around after meeting/falling in love with someone from the enemy side. He still became a leader of a rebel army, but the tactics were more about peace, strategy, nation building, etc. than killing."

— Hope Moore on Facebook

08/10/2014: Cat Stuck in a Wall and Hostage Situation

Cat Stuck in a Wall

I dreamed I just moved into a house that was old like my current one. The walls were white, but I suspected there were mice in the walls. I had a rocking lounge chair and got up when I heard a noise in the wall. I thought it was just a mouse or squirrel, but the noise reminded me of a cat clawing on a closed door.

I noticed a weak area in the wall and as I rocked the chair, it ate away at the wall, eventually creating a hole. A small head of a brown/gray tabby cat poked out. It went back in, walked in a circle, then came out of the wall.

I decided to adopt it. I noticed it was covered in dust, plaster, and fleas. I had flea shampoo for some reason and gave the cat a bath.

Hostage Situation

I vaguely remember being in some public building with white walls and old-style windows and a waxed floor. Everyone was sitting on the floor with their hands tied behind their backs and some with fabric around their mouths.

I remember trying to think of a way to outwit or distract the hostage takers.

08/09/2014: Small Fragments

I vaguely remember a scene where someone convinced me to allow them to upgrade one of my iPads. I told them about how I had too many of them (in waking life, I’m down to one, but in the dream, had five). They started “upgrading” one of them, but the newer version was the size of my cell phone. I was mad about that and told them, I’d prefer the larger kind so I can set them up on stands and connect them in to an interactive interface.

I got a flash memory when watching a commercial this morning. One of my dreams involved walking out of a door and seeing a coworker eating large peanutbutter chips from a Zip Lock bag. I thought they looked delicious.

08/08/2014: Giant and Hungry for Wendy’s Chicken


I remember parking in a parking lot outside of a tall college building. I think it was part dorms, part temporary labs and administrative areas. The area was flat, not like Athens where I work, but there were a lot of tall evergreen and deciduous trees. It was semi-rural and obviously a place that got lots of moisture.

I was there to meet some guy about some kind of research. The guy was nice and good-looking, but lighter hair and taller than I usually am attracted to. He walked out of the main door of the building and came up to my window. I rolled down my window to talk to him. He knelt down to my level. I was there early and he said it was good because we could talk before we got started.

I rolled up my window and followed him into the building. I noticed he seemed taller and started to grow into a giant as we got into a large room with high ceilings. I was nervous about talking to him, but I don’t remember why. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting it or wasn’t prepared for something. I remember he told me he attended school there, but worked mainly at another college: “UAkron” which I understood as University of Akron.

He grew into such a tall giant (I remember thinking it was Groot-like) that he stepped up onto a tall table with ease. The table came up nearly to my chest. After half-trying to climb, I said, “I’m short, I can’t just step up on tables like that.” He went to lift me up and I directed him to pick me up under my arms. 

He did and I was able to hold on to his right arm as he grew taller and stepped onto a structural support for the ceiling. I worried about his weight breaking it since it wasn’t made to hold more than a ceiling really, but it held.

I realized later that this was his way of traveling within the dream space. I was there for some sort of dreaming study and he had mastered the ability to change his shape in the dream and use it to get back to his office/dorm.

Hungry for Wendy’s Chicken

I remember being on a road trip and my destination was southwest Pennsylvania or something. I thought I was going in the right direction, but found myself back in Athens in a place I had only driven by once.

I found myself walking down some uneven brick down a steep hill with an administrative building to my left and a street ahead.

Someone with a computer voice said, “Hola!” behind me. I turned and found some guy in a motorized wheelchair who had to type into a computer because he was too paralyzed to speak. However, he typed Spanish into the computer and it spoke Spanish and another computer translated it and spoke English. I can’t remember what he asked - I think it was for directions someplace. Then, a girl in a motorized wheelchair came up on my left and told him directions to some gathering of disabled people.

I noticed there were a lot of students on campus and mentioned how it seemed like they were partying - one building had students on the roof wearing neon green and pink wigs. The wheelchair girl explained it had something to do with the start of the semester. I thought they were WAY too excited for school.

Later, I found myself in a classroom where a group of about 30 students were just hanging out waiting for the next class. I realized I was dreaming, but didn’t go lucid and start taking control or anything. I thought, “I wonder if I can influence someone somehow.”

I spotted a student near a set of elevators across the room speaking with a couple of other students. His style was a mix between athletic and douche bag (I can’t really describe this another way…um…Arena District-y?) but I assumed he was really just an average smart guy with a hidden nerd side or something. I walked over and pressed the button for the elevator. We were on the third floor and there was only a down button.

My goal was to make the guy crave not only chicken, but Wendy’s chicken when he woke up. I don’t know how I got around to the subject, but I kept talking about how the chicken at Wendy’s is WAY better and that I thought there was a Wendy’s on this side of campus somewhere. The guy went with me in the elevator and supposedly, to get some chicken with me. Before that, I almost asked if he would like me to pick some up for him, but in the end, just invited him.