Sleep, but Never Rest

Recording my dreams since 1998

09/15/2014: Voluntary Order

I finished reading V for Vendetta again and watched the crappy movie adaptation again, so it probably influenced the scenes of my dreams.

All of these scenes are from the same dream, I think:

Scene 1:

I was working/volunteering in a hospital and I was on a motorized wheelchair or some kind of cart and having fun going from station to station through the corridors. I remember stopping at a nurse’s station and there was a poster on the wall. It was about 12 x 15 with blue lines. I remember glitter snowflakes that were added and it was about something wintery. The ends were curled up and looked like it had too much humidity or possibly dried after water was spilled on it.

This probably came from an idea I had about having the apocalyse/end of the world happen during the holidays so there are Christmas decorations even in the warm months.

Scene 2:

I remember a foul smelling fridge in some classroom and I left and walked out of a building.

Scene 3:

After the government and law and order all collapsed, I remember walking down the street watching rioters and looters. I remember looting from discarded purses and boxes and even dead people. I took only what I could carry and needed. I remember hiding behind a bush from some crazy person in a elaborately decorated cloak.

Scene 4:

I walked through the hospital (I think) with a policeman/army guy for “protection.” He was young and had so much protective gear on. He had guns and tear gas canisters. He wore a helmet that looked thin compared to the rest of him.

I thought his clothing made him a target.

We went up an elevator, but I stayed in the corner near the buttons. When the door opened, someone shot the cop in the head. I thought, “I knew his clothes and weapons would make him a target!”

I walked out quickly, but calmly. I don’t know why I was there and if I was looking for something, but I went through on autopilot. I noticed the people who were shot were people with weapons so I held my hands up as I walked through, hoping to look less like a target.

Scene 5:

I remember being home (my current place) and getting stuff in the kitchen despite being in a towel right after a shower. My upstairs neighbor met me at the door and said that his roommate left, so now there are only four people in the house. This would mean there were two people living downstairs.

My neighbor gave me breakfast food, in case I needed it. It was two Little Debbie brownies and three similarly sugary snacks in white packaging. I said thank you, but made a bowl of cereal instead.

The door blinds have a gap and I was annoyed that he stood there so long, especially since I only had a towel on.

Scene 6:

As a way to rebuild socially after the Fall, some community “leaders” had us survivors line up in two random lines and walk toward each other. We shook hands with the person in front of us and they told us we should not only look out for our own survival, but those standing across from us.

Scene 7:

Somewhere in there, I went to a store with an old coworker. We looked at a ruler, scissors, and pencils. She bought a ruler and other supplies and seemed sad when I didn’t buy anything. I said I remembered I already had the items. I took a plastic-covered pencil I was holding and put it in her stuff.

I said, “Here you go!” Then, removed it saying, “Just kidding. I don’t want you arrested for shoplifting.”

Scene 8:

It was more of a flash, partly because I got excited about being there before. The dream started in a subterranean compound with a large group of others and I was waving someone over. I don’t know if it’s from another dream or from a book I read.

09/14/2014: Tornado, Green, and Pool


I remember working somewhere with a large open office format and large windows on both sides of the office. There were trees outside.

I remember starting on classwork (not sure what major, but I think it was a storyboarding class or assignment because I was trying to draw characters in boxes) at the end of the day. My mom called and I was stressed about the assignment. I told her I got done with work a few minutes early, so I thought I’d start on my homework. She called to tell me about some storm headed my way.

I looked up and saw through the window what looked like a close tornado pulling up trees. I went to get into the basement, but for some reason, a hot coworker and a couple of others got into a large elevator to go down. I decided to go that way, too. The hot coworker and I held on to each other as we got to the basement and the tornado hit.


I don’t remember the plot, but two girls (friends or coworkers?) were trying on green clothes. The girl on my right was trying on this old 1970s green dress my mom gave me and I said I like that color. In waking life, I think it’s a little too yellow, but I like the saturation.

I think it was me subconsciously trying to get me to realize I was dreaming since it was that “dream green.”


The last dream I remember was about walking into a place with swimming pools. I fell backward to avoid falling into one of the small pools by the wall. I felt with my foot and found out that there was a solid see-through area over the pool to allow easier walking along the wall.

I got up and Charlie* was there and some older man. The older man said I wasn’t allowed in there - especially with the people that were going to be there soon. He allowed me to swim in the larger pool for a few minutes and I did. It was relaxing.

Eventually, Charlie knelt down and grabbed my hand and lifted me out of the pool. I wasn’t expecting it, but he kissed me. He smiled and said it was too late to go through the main door where the next people were waiting and he took my hand and led me to a side door.

* Name has been changed.

09/13/2014: Small Dream

I really only remember waking up and ending up in a car outside of a strip mall just before sunrise. I thought about taking a nap, but realized I was parked in two spots the wrong way.

09/12/2014: The Notorious Mr. C

The dream I actually remember was during a 10-15 min. snooze this morning.

I remember going to Matt and Jenn’s apartment with members of Matt’s family, including his father, who has passed on. Since I’ve only met him once, I’m sure my mind just invented what he looked and sounded like.

Their apartment in this dream was very nice and reminded me of the time shares my family vacations in while staying in Florida. We all were eating at a large table and Matt’s dad was bragging about how creative his son has always been - like the time he was creating a character named the “Notorious Mr. C” or the “Infamous Mr. C.” I also remember his father mentioning Matt’s time in the military/government and I pictured him in a uniform, but not one for anything fighting in a war.

Note: In waking life, I don’t think Matt was ever in the military and never heard about this Mr. C story, so I’m not sure where my mind is getting this.

Partway through the dinner, I remember looking at a spiral notebook that matt had when he was younger. There were stickers on the front - I can’t remember what they were of, but near one the name SARAH was written vertically. Sarah is a name that people call me when they can’t remember my name.

On the back of the notebook looked to be notes about creating Mr. C’s character. It looked as if he was trying to figure out what the “C” stood for and I remember the word “Confluence” and the word “Could.” There were others though. One thing I noticed was that the handwriting looked legible, but in slightly awkward capital letters. Matt’s handwriting as an adult in waking life is quick and illegible like a doctor’s.

The other part of the dream dealt with the back part of the apartment. Everyone was gone by then and the door has just been sitting open. I went to close it and found that it led to a large covered balcony area with a nice plush chair and a table. I wondered if that belonged to the apartment or if it was a common shared party area. I planned on sitting out there at least once while I was there. Outside of that area, there was a wraparound uncovered balcony area with white wicker chairs. I didn’t go out further, but the door/balcony faced buildings and a street below.

09/11/2014: J-O-R-D-A-N

I remember several dreams…

First Dream

I remember being at some spa or something in/near a field of green grass. I didn’t think I was supposed to be there, but enjoyed relaxing in some bed. I saw some woman and a postman walking toward me from a distant building and realized I was half naked, so I grabbed the nearest thing I could find - an old slate gray fleece jacket/sweater from a previous job.

I remember thinking how I had to go somewhere inside a building to pick up my mail, but it has been forever and should just ask the mailman. Then, I remembered I wasn’t supposed to be there, so I didn’t ask and he put mail into an old metal (tarnished and rusted) mailbox that said “U.S. Mail” in sans serif font.

The woman gestured toward the empty, but beautiful field and asked if I liked it there. It reminded me of a scene in a scifi movie where the field was there just to keep me calm and the woman was a person / computer generated character that was there to help me out.

Second Dream

I remember a snippet of a male scientist main character (he wore a long white lab coat) walking around in a lab. A double of him, but with a strange neon green aura (the color that represents dreaming in my dreams). The aura version told the main character to stop fooling himself and that he is dead. He just doesn’t want to accept it. Just as the main character looks like he might finally accept it, he goes back to doing what he was doing. While watching this, it made me question my reality. What if the scientist was me?

Third Dream

I remember being in the student lounge in Baker Center sitting at a table with three guys. One guy was part of a student organization and was writing our names down in some marker that was supposed to be black on the white side of a paper, then turn white on the black side of the paper. The marker didn’t really work on the black side, though.

I remember liking the other two guys. They were good looking. The guy on the left (in front of me) was more my type physically than the other, but the guy next to me on my right had more confidence, so I remember him more and I liked his personality. The group member was trying to write our names down and I told him my first name and the guy on my right gave his last name as my last name. It made me laugh. He spelled it out first, J-O-R-D-A-N. I was like, “Jordan?”

Note: In waking life, I know maybe one Jordan family and the guys in that family look nothing like this guy in my dream. This guy was muscular and had wide shoulders (like, ex-Army). He also had lighter colored hair, which is why I was first more attracted to the other guy, who had dark brown hair.

09/10/2014: The Precipice of WWIII

This dream was a lucid dream - one of those kind that had too much information to be stored in my memory. It also was the second night in a row that I woke up abruptly and was completely disoriented. The dreams had such strong plot lines, a sense of place, time, and purpose that it was really weird to instantly be in my dark bedroom just a few hours before having to get up for work.

What I still remember of this dream was trying to convince a therapist of some sort that it was a dream - that she and everything around me was all just created by my mind. She thought I was delusional and wanted me to tell her why I thought I was dreaming and to prove it.

I remember trying to wake up, to give into a feeling of being asleep on my side. Then, I remembered that doing so sometimes triggers false awakening loops, so I stopped and looked around. I remember grabbing an iPod and thinking it was so amazing how much detail my dream had. The iPod and the icons seemed SUPER vivid - more than waking life. I mentioned this as I looked at it. I also remember that I was in a very modern, well-lit bookstore setting.

The detail is lost now, similar to the lucid dream I had where I said there was too much to remember. It was too much information at one time. Our brains are supposedly only able to remember a certain number of bits of information in a given time. This was WAY more than that, so much of it was lost.

I remember a TV playing in the room and it was the news talking about a speech Obama just gave about tightening sanctions on Russia even more. I thought it was a stupid idea and that it could trigger a war.

Later, I was walking to my car. I remember hearing passenger jets above me, so I looked up. The exterior of the building I was in didn’t seem like it would let that much light in and it was a bland building. In the sky, there were two passenger planes and it appeared they were traveling in a way that their paths crossed at a 90-degree angle. I thought, “That can’t be right…”

My vision zoomed in as if I were looking through a zoom lens - shakiness and all. The planes looked as if one tried to go up and the other down. At first, I thought they made it. I thought it would make the news like other close calls, but then I saw them both fall weird and crash into each other. I heard what I thought was the initial hit (light sound), then the explosion after seeing it.

I was a little worried because I was almost underneath the crash and didn’t know where the debris would fall.

I remember somehow knowing later that it was a terrorist attack by Russian hackers hacking into the navigation systems of the planes. I think it was only a small group who did it, but it was to keep us from flying.

09/07/2014: Roomate?

I remember some weird scene involving time travel. I lived in a large house/apartment and my upstairs neighbor was a roommate. However, thanks to time travel, I was there when he had another roommate. His roommate didn’t like that I was in his room and my neighbor/roommate was confused why I was in night clothes. I told him that I was always in night clothes when I’m home.

09/06/2014: Death Train

I had at least three dreams, but the death train one stuck in my head because it was creepy enough for me to call it a nightmare.

I remember looking down some railroad tracks that had a plastic tunnel on it. It was set in some small trees and weeds and curved to the right.

The legend in the dream was that anyone who goes down those tracks never return. I thought it was bull shit and considered proving them wrong. However, my character was seriously worried that I would be walking into a death trap - even worse, I pictured a trapped society of people who had walked down there before and there was no way to contact the “outside.”

09/03/2014: Smoke Bombs and Plants

Smoke Bombs

I remember being on some suburban/semi-urban street and a riot broke out. I don’t remember what the riot was about, but it was small. It also one of many that broke out recently.

I remember running away from the crowd to get out of their way, but some girl kept running in front of me and throwing smoke bombs. The canisters were as big as peanut butter jars and had red and white paint. The girl kept throwing them my direction and a couple hit my legs as I ran. It made me mad because I was getting hurt when I was trying to avoid the riot.

I got to a front yard where I found a silver plated penny. Lincoln was facing the opposite way and the date was 1964 (I think) and the back of the penny had what looked like a combination of the wheat penny symbol and marijuana/buckeye leaf. It reminded me of the gold plated penny I have in waking life and thought I must be home! I looked at the house and it was a small two-story house with blue siding. There was a porch, but most of it was taken up by a front-facing porch swing. I realized I have never lived there.

I started running again and stopped into a new hookah lounge. I found Sean and Kara there along with a couple of other people and sat down. I described how I got hit in the legs with smoke bombs as a ran to get away from another riot.


I remember looking through a warehouse with boxes everywhere with some guy. I kept thinking it was a TV show that had already aired and this was the story told from a different perspective.

I remember finding a hidden area that opened up. It was empty, but I remember that it was where someone hid protected from some bomb or gas in the story.

We also found random objects like a lighter. I said these must be plants - somehow they will pay off in the end. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t have a purpose.

08/31/2014: Dream Catch Up…Kinda

I’ve been sick and on medication, so I’ve not had very vivid dreams or the energy to post here. So here are snippets of what I do remember from random dreams in the last week:

  • Charlie* was in my dream last night as a minor character. I remember bumping into him in some hallway, but there was very little interaction.
  • A dream with a hammock made of a blue sheet. 
  • A dream where I was shown four different vials/small bottles and I thought the colors of the lids were important to remember.
  • A dream that was plot-like. There was a main guy character in a university building’s auditorium taking an exam. It looked like the auditorium my communication classes were in. He finished the test quickly and held it up to the teacher and showed his arm that was slashed and bleeding. It looked as if a metal cord was wrapped around his arm and pulled super tight. The marks meant something and the teacher motioned for him to come talk to him. Another part of that dream had small triangular things that looked similar to almonds with shells. They had colors that had meanings and they were vibrating. There was a connection to aliens in there somewhere.

* Name was changed.