Sleep, but Never Rest

Recording my dreams since 1998

04/20/2014: Sci-Fi Show Fragment

I remember waking up thinking I didn’t remember my dreams, then remembered I just dreamed a scene from some sci-fi show that doesn’t exist.

I remember looking at a map/blueprint of what I thought was a HUGE shopping mall on a large flat screen monitor. I remember saying to a woman character sitting beside me that for over a decade, I thought they’d have interactive maps in malls where you can find a store and its information quickly - even have access to cameras to see if your friend is waiting nearby. I complained that it was 2014 and we still don’t have this.

The female character’s back story involved something about her being shot  on the job and surviving and since then, she was more in favor of giving up privacy for increased security.

I was leaving the room to do some task and the woman was trying to explain something to me, but I only caught part of it. I asked her to repeat what she said, but after a sentence or two, it started to sound like gibberish. I didn’t ask her to repeat it again nor do I remember anything she said.

I remember it being part of a sci-fi show by the creators of Sliders. I wondered if that was why they had cameos by the actors from that show.

04/19/2014: Just Weird and Random

Usually, my dreams have some logic, but every time I focused on something and tried to remember it, it changed. Liquids turned to solids and solids to gasses, etc.

There was a part where I was walking through a high school/college hallway that I remember being in in a past dream. I was holding…something … It was a grabber tool, fake sword, something… and the guy to my left grabbed it and tried to pull it out of my hand.

I found out it was Charlie-Alpha* who went on to say mean things about other people in the hall. I thought, “I don’t remember Charlie being that much of an asshole…” I think it was a way for my mind to remember the dream because if he were nice or passive, I wouldn’t have remembered the scene.

I remember an office that had a notice with red writing saying the office was closed.

There was a scene with steps carpeted in burgundy. I remember having to take off my red coat and being annoyed with spring and having to wear a coat in the first place.

There was another scene where I was trying to sell software or a product to a company. The place we met was open and the ceiling went up at least two stories. The walls were slate blue.

*Name was changed.

04/18/2014: On the Run From Aliens and Jailed Due to a Mistake on My Taxes

On the Run From Aliens

I remember sleeping next to Charlie* in a cool futuristic house. It was so big, we even allowed his parents to stay at the place.

I was still half asleep and felt (which turned to a view from the ceiling) Charlie get up, grab two suitcases, and start putting clothes in them. He later woke me up to get dressed and leave because of aliens were coming or something weird like that. We didn’t wake his parents.

We stopped at some place way early in the morning for food, but the owner - some guy who once served in the military - had a grudge against Charlie. It had something to do with camping or fishing. He tossed/spilled a salmon-colored liquid onto some small window areas in the place and it coated them like paint.

For some reason, I just got so angry and yelled at him for being mean and spilling that crap and that there was no reason to hold a grudge that long. Charlie watched and passively tried to calm me down, but let me just go crazy.

Jailed Due to a Mistake on My Taxes

I remember being led to a jail-like facility by some police officers. I was in a jumpsuit and handcuffs. I remember thinking what I did was a mistake and I didn’t know it was illegal. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get a decent job after serving time and someone told me that what I did was a misdemeanor, not a felony and that employers ask about felonies.

I remember being worried about being bored. I walked around an open area of the facility and the only things they had for entertainment were board games and LEGOs. I saw that someone peed on the carpet and I had to avoid stepping in it.

* Name has been changed

04/17/2014: Lucid Dreams!

Normally, lucid dreams freak me out. I tend to panic when I find out that I’m dreaming and try to wake up, which puts me into a false awakening loop. This time, however, was actually fun and interesting.

First - Target Practice

First, I remember being outside of a couple of big white houses and there was a hilly yard with a few old trees a long the road. I was given a gun along with others in the dream. A “leader” character told another character to shoot some old lady through the window of the house. I was like, “Why??”

We walked over to the yard area and the house had large bay windows on the bottom floor looking down into a basement living room area where the old lady was watching a movie with her grandchildren. I kept saying that I wouldn’t even aim in that direction because I’m sure I’d hit the target. However, I REALLY wanted to shoot the gun. So I aimed the gun with my right hand only (normally, I’d use two hands) at a manhole cover in the middle of the yard. I fired the gun and it bounced off into the grass a little further up the yard.

Then, kids came outside and it became a birthday party. I wanted to shoot some kind of target and thought about shooting the balloons and balls the kids were playing with, but the kids were randomly running around and I didn’t want to hurt them.

Then, Searching for a Gun

I remember looking through old wooden cabinets and remember thinking they had something to do with my aunt - like she owned the place or something.

It reminded me of an unused part of an old college building where stuff would have been hastily stored and forgotten. I knew I was dreaming and thought the detail of the cabinets and the texture of the wooden nobs were pretty neat for a dream.

I went through the room opening cabinet after cabinet. They were filled with stacked white, decaying, paperback manuals or thick magazines. I don’t remember seeing labels and they appeared to have been there for a while, but weren’t heavily oxidized. There were nooks and crannies that appeared to be great places to hide the gun I was looking for, but they were empty. I was looking for a gun because I felt someone was after me and I needed a defense.

When I opened the bottom cabinets, I thought they might have people hiding in them, but there were just more white magazines. I thought my aunt was smart to do this to keep people from hiding there.

I also remember a ton of dust on everything. There was also white flaky stuff on the surfaces open to the air - possibly mold. There were sky lights near the ceiling in these rooms.

I walked out of the room and into another, making my way down a hallway. All the floors were wooden and squeaked and bent under my weight slightly when I walked.

I reached the last room. The windows were covered, so it was very dark. I entered the room and saw that I was across from something with a glass door because I could see my back lit reflection and the door slowly closing behind me. I also saw the light from the hallway dim as the door closed. I turned and stopped the door to keep the light coming into the room. I found that it was my weight on the floor causing the door to swing closed.

I woke up before completing the goal I had and was a little frustrated that I chose to do so.

Back to the yard party…

I remember going back to sleep and ending up at that yard party with the kids. This time, there were more adults. I was sitting with a group of people my age and there was a good looking guy standing to my right talking to some guy he knew to my left and that guy’s girlfriend (short hair, holding a beach ball) was standing next to him, only there because she’s his girlfriend.

I remember the good looking guy leading me and a few others in the group away from our position and…down a small crowded hallway. This didn’t seem weird for some reason despite the hallway being on an upper floor of an old college building.

He led us to a single dorm - or maybe it was a large office - in the building. The main room was cluttered and the size of my living room in waking life. There was a small bathroom attached in the back.

I remember being tired - possibly drunk - and I sat in a red(?) vinyl chair in the corner. I remember feeling that nice “I’m going to sleep so good if I fall asleep right now” feeling, which I have gotten when I was drunk in the past. However, I don’t remember drinking anything and rarely drink in waking life.

I closed my eyes and rolled to my right side, feeling really relaxed.

I vaguely remember some guy saying if we were going to be experimenting, we should shut the door and he shut it for us.

I heard the good looking guy in his bathroom washing his hands and “preparing” something. I heard him walk back into the room and interact with the others. I felt something cold on my left calf - I was wearing shorts - and I realized it was rubbing alcohol. I felt a needle go into my leg and liquid go into the muscle.

I opened my eyes and the good looking guy was taking off surgical gloves and a small vial(?) was still stuck in my leg. It had fluorescent green liquid in it. The others were standing, ready to leave. Some of them were rolling their sleeves back down.

The good looking guy opened the door and was about to lead us out, waiting for me. I pulled out the vial and put it on the table to my left. There was still some liquid in it and wondered if I was supposed to take it out. The good looking guy watched me do this an said that we can remove the vials (called something else) and to follow him.

Lucid Dream

I was the first one in the room. I was in a large room with dusty bookcases against the walls and a large doorway into another room. The rooms had hardwood flooring. I first looked at the table in the center of the room and knew I was dreaming, so I was REALLY impressed by the detail of it all. I said, “Ho-ly, fuck.” mostly to make the others laugh, but realized I had done that earlier in the dream - this was the second time I had been through this …simulation? However, it wasn’t as detailed the first time.

I remember systematically looking around the room trying to remember everything so I could write this now. I remember looking at a table with nick-nacks and I said, “How the hell am I supposed to remember all of this?? There are too many things - too many details.” I even tried to touch and name what I was seeing to remember it (ironically, I don’t remember what these things were now). The good looking guy told me to not try that hard - just to remember SOMETHING and to play around with the environment.

I remember touching a plaster(?) plant figurine and the leaf broke off. I turned toward the room where the good looking guy was looking at shelves with books, vinyl records, etc. I looked at the plaster leaf in my hand and willed it (aloud) to turn into a real leaf. Eventually, it did turn into an actual leaf. I was so happy I could do this, that I told the others to look at it. This made the good looking guy smirk as if he was stifling a larger smile or laugh.

I know there were WAY more scenes that happened with a serious amount of detail and the good looking guy was like a facilitator or guide throughout the scenes, but I can’t remember them.

What are YOU Doing Here?

I remember part of the dream where I was exploring and I walked outside into an area / walkway that was at least a story above a grassy yard to my left. I think there were evergreen trees in the distance. I was going to take the attached white painted wood steps to the ground, but at the bottom of the steps, some thin chick with long straight dirty blond hair stood there, looking at me angrily.

I was like, “Hello…?”

She started slowly climbing the stairs, approaching me as she spoke. She kept asking me why I was there, especially after what happened before or “last time.” I was trying to remember what she was talking about. I asked her what she was talking about and asked her, “I was here before???” and “What happened?”

Then, some slightly shorter girl with light brown hair come from behind me and stood in front of me to protect me. I think she was wearing a gray sweater with pushed up sleeves.

She told Girl #1 to leave me alone and that I didn’t know what was going on or something. I didn’t catch the entire conversation because I knew I was dreaming and thought, “REMEMBER SOMETHING!”

I looked to my right, and, although it was a story up, there was an old blue ’70s car. I thought, “This car is blue.” Parts of it was rusted and the paint was matte. One area had the paint rubbed off completely, but the metal underneath was polished into a nice chrome.

I looked around and to my right, there were brick apartment buildings with a brick walkway over a street that led to a parking lot. However, the bricks had a weird texture - like stucco - and the walkway appeared to sag where it wasn’t directly supported. I thought it looked like someone’s painting of a brick building.

As Girl #1 climbed the steps, Girl #2 stepped backward, forcing me backward.

At one point, Girl #2 asked the other if she expected her to just stand by like the other times to watch her toss me off the balcony like the others. She pointed out the points where Girl #1 had tossed others off.

I Wanted to Leave

So I focused and woke up.

I was laying on my right side and looked around the dark room. There was light coming in from the city through the windows…even the cool window near the ceiling. I thought…I’m pretty sure I don’t have a cool window like that.

I let my eyes adjust and there was a TV on a brown bookshelf at the foot of my bed. In the shelf. reflecting the window light, was a smiling Asian good-luck cat figurine with long legs. It was kinda creepy and I wondered why would I put something so creepy in my room? I started to think it wasn’t my room and I expected someone else to be in the bed, but there wasn’t. I found my car keys on the nightstand and locked my car doors with the fob. Instead of a honk outside, I heard a weird shuffling noise beside me on the floor.

Then I woke up for real.


Note: The good looking guy looked familiar, but I didn’t recognize him from waking life - he’s probably modeled after a random OU student or teacher.

Also, fluorescent green is the color that appears in my dreams that signals that I’m in a dream.

04/14/2014: Random

I remember having two small things in my left hand to give to someone and I had to go through a doorway. On the right side of the doorway was some guy with a cough. I tried to avoid him so I wouldn’t get sick, but had to step over plastic containers of a blue liquid - they looked like containers of windshield wiper fluid. I tripped and fell on a raised area, landing on my stomach. I remember thinking I was lucky because it would have hurt to hit the ground flat on.

In another dream, I remember walking up a dirt hill in a hilly place. The hills had lines from the different type of rock, but instead of straight lines like the ones I see on the way to work, it was a swirl pattern like a cinnamon roll.

I photoshopped this photo, but it was more like a full swirl, looked a little like the small storms on Jupiter…

04/13/2014: Apartment Building & Sleep Attack

Apartment Building

I dreamed that I was going to an apartment building I planned to move to in the dream. It was a large house with small apartments on one side and a common area on the other.

I remember having to walk through a gooey water-based substance to enter the front yard. I put my hand through it and it reminded me of the consistency of runny egg yoke. I closed my eyes and went through it.

It took me a while to decide to walk through it - I didn’t realize the tenants of the building were waiting in line behind me and I felt bad making them wait.

I remember looking around the building and didn’t like the amount of stairs I had to go up and down. There was stairs in the common area (which had maroon carpet) and steps outside from the porch to the yard. I remember disliking how one of the tenants smoked in the common area. I also remember a dachshund outside.

Sleep Attack

I have been having sleep attacks all week, this one, I remember a little bit of my dreams because I made it to my bed:

  • The name Walter
  • The name Michelle
  • The ceiling of an events center (Vet’s Memorial or the Expo Center) with a sign with the American flag on it. Someone was dressed like an old man with Where’s Waldo glasses

The rest of the time was in and out of sleep paralysis that I recognized, but wasn’t afraid of. I hallucinated/dreamed my printer printing a document during this state and questioned, while still asleep, if my printer was even turned on. I even dreamed yelling, “Hello?” thinking someone had broken into my apartment to use the printer. I was going to tell them to help themselves to whatever food I had (my weird way of responding to break-ins, thinking B&E criminals aren’t usually out to hurt people, just take things).

04/12/2014: Mocking Jay

I had another dream, but I forgot it for now.

The one I remember seemed real, but it was too similar to the “convo” I “heard” earlier this week. I was falling asleep on my left side again and heard birds over the road construction outside my window.

One whistled more clearly and didn’t sound like the other birds. Its whistle sounded like the mocking jay tune from the Hunger Games movie, but off by one note. I thought it was interesting. It repeated the tune, but correctly this time. I woke up to post a Facebook status about it and the bird, if real, stopped whistling.

Probably a dream.

04/11/2014: Trouble in DC

I don’t know what inspired this dream, but I remember living in Washington, D.C., working some federal job and my boss told me other workers and I had to leave the city. There was some sort of threat that was big enough that I had to go all the way to some place with palm trees and hills.

I remember telling my parents that I loved DC because it’s a nice city, but hated the fact I have to evacuate the city randomly because there are threats so often.

I remember a map of America with black stars over large cities with numbers. It represented agents that were updated earlier than other agents about threats, etc. I remember being told that the information I was given was given simultaneously to the black stars via some kind of technology that used satellites. 

There was another part of the dream where we had a weapon/tool that we could shoot at a bad guy on the run and it would grow this hot pink cotton candy looking stuff on them. It made it easier to find them in a green field and black pavement.

I also remember using codes to tell people meeting points - they’d be intersections of interstates or state routes and the code name would be a number between the two. The example I used was 33 for SR 32 & 34 and 41 for SR 32 & 50.

04/10/2014: Random

I remember a dream where I was dating Charlie* (this character has basically become a male main character in dreams) and he still lived at his parents’ house. This made it…awkward. But the awkwardness made the scenes humorous. 

Later, there was a scene where I was eating breakfast at the island in the kitchen after finding out I was pregnant. Charlie’s mom seemed to disapprove of this. I didn’t understand why - I mean, in the dream, I was 31 and had my finances under control. Charlie and I weren’t married, but in the dream, his brother had like, two kids outside of his marriage and they’re cool. It wasn’t like she disapproved of me, but the fact that I got pregnant. It was weird.

In another dream, I remember pulling/pushing a table with wheels out of a tall old school building into a playground/courtyard area that was paved and enclosed by a fence. Everything had a yellow tint as if I was watching it all with sunglasses on (I don’t wear sunglasses in waking life because I like things in REAL color).

I saw a game two people were playing, but since the ball falls on the ground as part of the game, I thought it was too much of a hassle. I went to a large table where five or so people (including Charlie and some shy tall guy with a mole on his cheek) were in a circle with red 3D-printed boxes in front of them. The boxes were the size of shoe boxes and had detail, but I didn’t look that closely at them.

Someone was explaining the rules when a guy came over struggling and screaming and fell to his knees. There was a cockroach on his face and many of us just watched as a closer group came over to help him. Charlie and the guy with the mole eventually went to lend some support, but most of us assumed it was a fear of bugs and nothing too dangerous. The guy with the bug was turning red and I thought it was from his struggle/fear. The guy with the mole found a thin, clear tube was wrapped around his neck and he thought he was trying to commit suicide.

He brought the tubing back to us, moving it around and said suicide is stupid and I was like, “why would you want to [kill yourself]?” but then we realized the girl who was standing between us had a boyfriend who killed himself with a similar tube only a week ago.

* Name has been changed.

Interesting video about altered states of consciousness. I have always found hypnotism and hallucinations interesting. I think I could easily be hypnotized.