Sleep, but Never Rest

Recording my dreams since 1998

I’ve been playing with the idea of “thought compression” for a story about dreaming and realized sometimes I use cues to trigger more detailed memories and wondered if that could be a form of this idea. This song was the cue for my dream last night.

10/20/2014: Taking Notes

I remember sitting in a classroom with Kevin* and other people about my age. Our desks were designed into a large rectangle where I was nearly facing Kevin.

There was an open CD or DVD player on my left laying lopsided against a stack of books. The teacher was able to spin it with his hand and later, he put a CD or DVD on the area that it should go and spun it again. I later fixed it to have the title of the CD/DVD to be straight. I don’t remember the words, except that it was all in caps and two words.

The teacher seemed similar to the teacher in a previous dream. I think my subconscious is making archetypes and this was “The Teacher.”

I remember he asked the girl next to Kevin how her and Kevin’s birthdays went. Their birthdays were in mid April, so I thought it was around May.

Later, I had switched to a seat closer to the front and started taking notes. I remember the compass symbols and, although the teacher said we didn’t have to write them down because they were too detailed, I did anyway because I liked the symbols. I remember writing words as well, but I only remember the word, “Russia.”

There was a small scene where I discovered I was in my parent’s house (pre-2004 renovation) this whole time and the classroom was my old bedroom. I saw Charlie* laying on the couch in the living room and I almost approached him, but ended up backing up and hitting a desk.

* Names have been changed.

Notes I wrote down in the dream. The teacher said the compasses were too detailed to try to draw in the dream, but I drew them anyway. There were notes about something else, but all I remember is Russia.

Notes I wrote down in the dream. The teacher said the compasses were too detailed to try to draw in the dream, but I drew them anyway. There were notes about something else, but all I remember is Russia.

Goose or Swan?

I can’t remember the dates, but one of my dreams dealt with sitting in my car outside of the Grove City Best Buy and there was a giant swan squawking and running up to people. I called Sean to tell him how crazy it was and some woman knew the swan and hugged it when it came up.

I wrote this down and called it a goose in my dream, but it was really a swan.

A few days later, I remember a dream taking place in my parent’s place, pre-2004 renovation, half asleep on the couch near the wall asking some guy in a white marine uniform, “What the heck does a goose mean???” He looked at me confused before I fell back asleep.

10/19/2014: Killdeer, Julius

I remember they were long dreams, but can’t remember them all, now.


I remember being in a room and a few of us (people my age, experimenters in some situation) standing around a black guy my age who was seated at the table. I can’t remember the experiment, but he was supposed to remember this feather symbol. I said to think of an eagle or some bird like that, but knew it was more likely a seagull feather. He said how he wouldn’t remember an eagle, but thought of a bird killing a deer. He called it a deer-killing bird and I thought of deer-killing season for some reason. Later, I thought in another dream, that I was meant to remember something from that dream - a clue of sorts. So I was trying to figure out if Deerkill or Killdeer was a road or something.


There was a long dream that was a mystery. Some girl with around five names went missing in a large Hogwarts-looking school. I can no longer remember the details, even after telling the story to people in dreams that followed it. The only things I remember was that they were looking for here using her fourth name and then found out she had a fifth. I remembered the fifth name in most of the retellings and forgot all the other named. I think it started with an M and the fourth with an S. Later, I could only remember her first name, which sounded like a guy’s name: Julius.

Note: I later found out that a killdeer is a type of bird.

10/18/2014: Got Lost

Got Lost

I remember driving on a back road and ending up near Wilmington. I stopped to turn around near some farm.

In waking life, my upstairs neighbor often sounds as if he has to toss boxes around to make room to get around. This sound got integrated in my dream as the farmer tossing bags of fertilizer or mulch or something into a pile.

There was more to the dream, but I will not post it here.

10/15/2014: Reunion

I vaguely remember a high school reunion taking place in my home town.

There was a scene where a group of people followed someone to another room in a building and I told someone next to me that I was in a conversation with how, “That was power - to decide to go somewhere and people follow…”

There was a scene where I realized I was in night clothes (old, smelly ones) and thought of going home to change, but some old guy reminded me I lived an hour away.

I also remember riding a bike over a large white circle with lines and numbers (maybe years?) on it.

10/13/2014: G is for Game

I remember a vague scene about being convicted of some crime and I had to go to jail. I had heard, in the dream, that someone once somehow wiped their caked-on makeup and made a big enough “ball” to shoot from a BB gun to escape. I tried getting what makeup off that I could to do the same thing, but failed.

There was a scene where some women came into a place I lived in and let me look through catalogs. I remember seeing therapeutic insoles among other things. There was some part where their phone number was super long and they used letters to help them out, but it was SO long they had to use a mnemonic device for the letters. All I could remember was that “G” stood for “Game.”  

10/12/2014: New Apartment?

I remember moving into some apartment that seemed like a trailer or small house next to something you’d see on a map. I can;t remember if it was a wall or railroad tracks or what, but a city lied within the closed off area and my new apartment was just outside it.

I remember a scene where I was in a room with my bed facing a dining room table. I was just talking to a neighbor explaining the girl who lived there before doesn’t live there anymore.

I generally don’t like having people come to my door unannounced, but understood why.

To avoid more people bothering me, I went to bed. Then, there was a knock at the backdoor. I went back and found a bedroom with a bed and it faced a room with a window and a door with a window. The back door was in the next room and also had a window.

I answered the door and it ended up being another neighbor that didn’t know the past tenant moved. I had to tell him and he seemed kinda down about it. I found out that the past tenant gave her neighbors free wifi, Netflix, and Hulu Plus and they hoped I’d do the same. I didn’t want to - I didn’t know them and why should I always pay for things??

I thought about getting curtains ASAP so I can sleep in the REAL bedroom.

I realized there were two beds and I must be dreaming, then, I woke up.

10/10/2014: Too Many Security Cameras

"I’m not a violent person, so dreams where I’m an assassin are always interesting. I spent the entire dream last night trying to plan a murder with some guy of someone at a Best Buy without getting caught. My partner started as a superstitious bank robber and this was to be my first crime, but we were being paid by some rogue government agency. He kept getting mad at me for dragging my feet with this thing, but there were so many security cameras!"

— Hope Moore on Facebook

More details to come soon.