Sleep, but Never Rest

Recording my dreams since 1998

07/27/2014: Lost Phone

I remember waiting for a high school band concert to start with my parents and aunt. There was an old “backstage” area that I told my aunt was backstage before the new addition to the building.

I remember the band members walking from the new addition to the new stage. They were dressed in white shirts and black skirts/pants and carried music stands. I said I missed performing (choir, not band).

Later, more concert goers arrived and waited in the hallway. I told my parents I wanted to just go home and enjoy the rest of my Sunday.

I went outside and walked around people. I later found that my cell phone was missing and we started looking for it. My friend, Jessie, was there (wearing a maroon shirt) and I asked her to call my phone. However, it was on vibrate for the concert.

I thought I found it in a trash bin, but it ended up being a throwaway phone. I called the last number and put it back in the trash. I was worried, though, because my mom would yell my name and my dad’s name while someone was on the phone.

07/24/2014: Annoying Ghost, Falling Apart, and Weird Doors

Annoying Ghost

I remember being in a haunted house that scared people away. I was just annoyed by the ghost who seemed to enjoy levitating things.

Falling Apart

There was a repeating sequence of my bed being huge and breaking up into small pieces that would fall.

Weird Doors

I remember having to use the restroom. I found one, but the doors were old and didn’t block the whole doorway.I ended up finding a way to make the door grow larger.

07/17/2014: Gummy Bear Game, Automated Tour, and Being Followed

Gummy Bear Game

I remember being in a large room that looked like it could have been a restaurant or a meeting room or lobby or something.

I was there with Nathan* (someone I’ve only known through the internet) and a mix of females and males my age.

I remember eating delicious gummy bears - red, blue, and yellow. The yellow ones had white-ish stripes. I was just eating them and a competitor pointed out that I’ve eating a lot of blue bears, which take away points. They took away enough points that one would “kill” most players.

I hoped I had enough of the other colors to make up for it, but when a new player came by, I was just eating the red and yellow, trying to read the instructions for the game. I didn’t see anything about the point penalty and told the new player that I was already dying or dead, so I’m eating the bears just for taste.

I later assumed the player who told me about the blue penalty was trying to trick me into eating lower-point bears and the blues were actually higher in points. The player even had a non-player in on the secret.

I knew he was a non-player and had no reason to be loyal to one player, so I tried to use the non-player to confuse the other players, even if I just pretended to try to recruit him loudly to “lie” to the other players.

Later, Nate wanted a photo of all of us and I realized I had no shirt. I had a bra on, so I was covered up and I liked my stomach muscles, but went to get a random long gray sweater that was sitting on a wooden chair. This was obviously to Nate’s dismay.

I later returned the sweater and left when another group came in. I remember a girl in that group holding the door open for me when I was going out to the street. She asked me about how my time in the place went. I remember seeing a hanging sign about pottery and I talked about making pottery.


Automated Tour

I remember being in a similar environment and trying out “automated tours” that were like sitting in hovering chairs that flew through the space. The second version flew through and around architectural features and I really enjoyed it. There was also a part where I had a cell phone and used the camera to scan a symbol of a dialog bubble with an exclamation mark in the center. It “collected” points and displayed information about the object.


Being Followed

I guess it could be called followed.

I remember driving and trying to pass a silver car by going into a hashed out area. The driver of that car got angry and continued to follow/block/move me off that road.

I remember driving through VERY tall supports for overpasses between dirt cliffs/hills and seeing brown signs saying the second exit was to State Street. I quickly decided to swerve into the first exit.

I don’t know why, but I stopped to watch the silver car. It stopped and it looked like the driver was trying to decide if it’s worth doing a U-turn.

This merged into me being a giant and smashing the car with my foot (the driver was unharmed, though).

* Name has been changed.

07/15/2014: Which Table Would You Sit at?

I don’t remember the actual plot, but there was something about attending a wedding and there was some kind of meaning in which round table each of use chose to sit it.

I was in a bad mood for some reason and felt bad about it later. It was due to something about doing what people expect or something.

Link* was there and he was sitting to my left facing me and I think he was trying to figure out why I was in a bad mood.

I vaguely remember getting mad that the other guests made a huge mess and there was something about the color purple - perhaps a purple umbrella in the mess.

* Name has been changed.

07/14/2014: Twilight Zone & Donatos Website

I was really sick last night from something I ate, so my dreams were vivid.

I’ve been marathoning the old Twilight Zones in waking life, so my dream started out as watching an episode. I remember being impressed with the filmmaking and how they made the scene with anti-gravity look more realistic than crap you see nowadays.

This was all in black and white. The scene was with a few astronauts in semi-fitted suits I tend to always dress astronauts in my dreams along with helmets that were square-ish in the front. They were on the moon, which they made small enough that the ground curved between the astronauts’ feet. There were two on the surface and one hopped over asking the second to “anchor” him. They stood with their feet shoulder-width apart, one holding the other’s hand.

The third astronaut exited a space craft and floated to the others. The first guy reached up and grabbed the third guy’s hand and pulled him down. Normally, in today’s movies, filmmakers seem to just use a wire and harness in front of a green screen and you can tell by the strain the actors have keeping their body horizontal that gravity is pushing them down and it’s easy for them to swivel around to stand. In my dream, the guy in the episode appeared to be filmed in zero gravity or in water. He grabbed the first guy’s hand and used it to pull himself down. That wasn’t a lot of effort, but it took him more effort to turn his body (he had to move his knees up and back a little and twist his torso in a way a cat does when falling) to orient his legs to stand on the ground. Once close enough, he moved toward the surface as if it were a weak magnet and his boots were made of metal.

I was so impressed with this, I got on the computer (in my dream) and looked it up on IMDB. It said the episode was from 2004 and the series started in 2000. I was confused because I was sure I was only to the season filmed in 1961.


Later, I was telling my parents and my aunt at my parents’ house about this dream.

My aunt said she got a job as a Web designer for Donatos Pizza. I thought that was random because, although she is smart, she never really worked in Web design.

I visited her at her work and somehow, eventually got a job in a nearby cubicle. Some co-workers were angry about how the guy designing the image map needs to finish so my aunt can code the HTML to make it work. First, I was like, “Who uses an image map anymore??” and they said they only had two days to overhaul their current site. I stepped in and explained there is no way to do that in two days. I told them I’ve been doing Web design since 2002 and there needs to be planning involved and testing before launching a brand new site.

Some time in all of this, the dean from the college I currently work at in waking life came out and said, “Since you’re Canadian, you might like this show I found…” I told him I wasn’t Canadian, but would like to live in Toronto for a while someday. He told me about some show that sounded like “Fan Pan” or “Pan Fam” or something like that. To remember it, I grabbed a pen and wrote it on my hand…well, really, my wrist. My palm was partly covered in a pen-drawn layout of a house. There were more things to remember further down my left arm. I fit “Pan Fam” or whatever in between. Of course I had to mark it a few times because the pen I was using didn’t draw on skin well.

Later, the work building was part of my parents’ house. I walked to the business side and someone was at my computer printing things. It made me a little angry - not that I was hiding anything, I just hate reminders that nothing is really ever “mine” and that everything is really only ever borrowed or used temporarily. I went through my pockets - I was wearing the black “professional” pants with the big pockets. I had two blocky electronic things - one was a power adapter, I think, but my phone was gone.

Instead of confronting the guy at my computer, I went looking for my phone. I kept finding more power adapters. I even went to the basement, but the stairs were weird. They were normal halfway down, but then were collapsed and served more like a ladder than steps. I felt it wasn’t worth my time because I didn’t go down there and there was nothing but trash strewn about.

I went back upstairs and told people I was looking for my phone and asked if someone could call it.

This switched to a black and white Twilight Zone with a little kid calling on a cell phone. I was like, “I understand Twilight Zone is science fiction, but a cell phone?”

07/13/2104: Hills Along the Beach

Finally remembered a detailed dream that had a length of time associated with it. It’s been so long since I’ve had one and I started to get worried.

I remember walking down a flight of wooden stairs to a beach. The steps were dusted with sand and the railing was a plank of wood. I was taking the steps well and I thought, “Oooh…I’ve lost weight!” Then, I found I was able to hold my weight up completely with my left hand on the railing. This should have made it lucid, but instead, I thought, “This is great! I should do this with my right arm to make sure my arms don’t get unevenly strong.”

I got to the sand and thought it might be easier to take the steep grassy hill to my right to go back up the hill rather than the steps.

I walked out into the water - I don’t remember any distant land, so it was a large body of water.

I walked down the beach and found a chair to sit in to relax in the water. However, the waves were big and coming from the right (south, I think). Some waves were too big and went over my head, causing me to breathe in water and cough it out. After a couple of times, I moved the chair to face the waves more so I could anticipate when to hold my breath. Then, a wave hit me from the opposite direction. I thought (as I was coughing up the water), “How is that even possible???”

Enough water hit me that I eventually passed out.

When I awoke in the chair, the water was very calm. I got up and walked back to the steps.

Later, this guy, Andrew (who went by Andy), and I went exploring the area. Along the water and beach were hills with neighborhoods. We got to a place with two roads, one lower and one higher. He offered to carry me to the top road.

For some reason, a portion of the society were able to transform partly into animals (I should have questioned this) and Andy could transform into an ant. I thought it would be a small ant and wondered why transforming into a small bug would help him support my weight. He said that ants can lift things why heavier than them, partly because of their exoskeleton distributing the weight more evenly (I’m not sure how true this is in real life). He transformed into a large ant with a human head and I rode on his back to the upper street.

I got off and thanked him and he said he’d explore the lower street and we’d meet in an hour.

I walked down the neighborhood street and I remember the sun being lower in the sky for 4 p.m. and saw leaves on the ground. I assumed it was early fall.

I found an old one-story building on the right that looked like an school building built in the 1950s. I went in and went immediately into another door to my right. The first area was a “check-in” or “security” area and I just pretended I belonged there and no one went after me. I walked down a hallway laminated/waxed floor with yellow tile on half of the walls. There was sunlight coming in through doors at the end of the hall and made the old-style fluorescent lights look rather dim.

Some people walked out of rooms to my left and they didn’t recognize me, but asked if I was going to the training and encouraged me to follow. I followed them into a room with desks in a near circle. I ended up choosing one that faced most of the class and was to the left of the instructor.

I found out it was some kind of astronaut school. I thought that was awesome and wondered if I could sign up despite sneaking in illegally. The instructor was female and seemed to have a passion for drawing. Her notes were covered in doodles. The weird thing was that she would start a paragraph of dialog and if I said anything, even if it was saying, “that’s cool” and “neat idea!” she would stop, blink, look at me annoyed and skip to the next section. She did this also when she told us to draw something to represent us and showed a neat abstract pencil drawing. I told her that she was a good drawer and again, she moved back, blinked, looked at me annoyed, cleared her throat and started on the next section.

I knew the hour was almost up, so I left even though I was worried leaving was inappropriate at that time. I walked back to the front door. I was surprised I could walk around without someone confronting me since this was supposedly a government operation. I went to the security area that reminded me of the one I went through when working for the census. The guy manning the window was looking away from the window, focused on a computer screen in the back of the area. I remember he was wearing a blue sweater.

I shook my head and left out into the small covered area outside of the door. Children were playing in the grass to the left. I assumed they were from the old white houses across the street.

I walked back to the main street and wondered if I should go looking for Andy. It was nearing 5:30 and I didn’t know if he was still looking for me.

I walked down the street, which was a hill that went down and turned to the left (northbound). Two friends from high school were talking nearby, but I avoided eye contact so I wouldn’t have to get into a conversation. They started walking in different directions and one went along the road I was going.

Eventually, we did say hi as we went into a four-star hotel lobby at the end of the street. She excused herself and went to a set of metal elevators.

07/06/2014: Busy

I’ve been super busy trying to move so all my online projects are being put on the back burner.

What I remember from last night’s dreams was kinda neat…

I was in a game of some sort and based on a score from an earlier test, I kept landing on a circular scale to have an easy game. The makers of the game didn’t want it easy for me, so they kept tweaking it to give me SOME kind of obstacles, but I kept landing on the top (12 o’clock) easiest mode.

I thought no obstacles wouldn’t be fun, so I physically moved my spot on a touchscreen to the 2 o’clock position which made the game hard, but I had awesome armor made out of rusty saw blades on my arms. I was going to kick ass!

I remember part of the dream involving what seemed like bus stops. I remember seeing a map in my mind of the stops and trying to time it to get to certain stops on time by running through a grassy hill. However, I think they weren’t buses, but flying machines.

07/03/2014: Dream Catch Up

I have had dreams, but I haven’t really remembered them lately.

What I remember most recently…


I remember being in some workplace with two monitors. Axel* worked there, too, but across the way.

Every time he’d move behind his monitors, I would do weird, gross stuff, like pick my nose.

I later realized he found a way to see me even when he was supposedly behind his monitor. I was like, “Crap! He saw me pick my nose!”

07/02/2014: Killing Spiders

I remember some dystopian future where my family, friends, and I were hiding somewhere. Out security system involved large 50-gallon white plastic containers of gasoline surrounding our compound. Someone said that there was no other use for the gasoline.

There was a “black widow” creature that looked like a black widow spider, but was the size of a field mouse. My first instinct upon seeing it was to attack it with a bat and try to smash it. I had surprisingly good aim with the bat.

07/03/2014: Fragments

I remember weird dreams of being in a small electronic toy car that looked like a train. I was too big for the thing and kept offering rides to others. I hit a miniature fence to see what it would do and a section of it fell flat.

In another part, I was in some kind of room with windows with Sean and Kara and some people I don’t know in waking life. There was some kind of threat outside of the building and we were hiding from it. Sean and I had laptops and we all had cell phones, but they were running out of battery life. The Internet was slow, too. Sean kept telling me to look up more information about the threat, but I was tired and felt it was a waste of battery juice.

There was a part where I bumped into a female friend from high school. She was at a picnic table eating with others. Later, one of the guys there who was good-looking was eating a pizza and asked me out for pizza. I told him the best pizza in town was Plank’s on Parsons. Later, I thought about how I wish he had asked me out for something crazy and fun like repelling, zip lining, rock climbing, hiking, etc.

* Name has been changed

06/29/2014: Many Random Dreams

I haven’t had decent memorable dreams lately, despite KNOWING I’m dreamed.

I got a huge sunburn yesterday and slept 11 hours overnight, so that helped a little.

Things I remember:

I was working in a school with a labyrinth of off-white halls. I remember feeling like I was going to pass out / extreme case of vertigo / a “heavy head” feeling that I’ve only experienced in another dream that was about being someplace I was not supposed to be. The previous dream was about time travel.

There was a design on the floor of the school hallway - a half circle that was dark gray. I thought I’d use that as a landmark and go exploring so I can map out the place in my head. I struggled over to a hallway to my left and found two unisex restrooms. I remember looking to see if it were men’s or women’s and the sign only read, “Open.”

There was a part of he dream where I met a teacher and tried to ignore the vertigo as I introduced myself and got to know them.

Another part of my dream, I was struggling designing something for a class and was going to make a “quick quiz” only to find that there was one already. There was a strange part where someone masked out lines on a dark blue pamphlet and I assumed I was to color in the exposed areas with this yellow/beige color.

I remember Sean asking me for a ride on a day I was going to be busy (a Tuesday), but said yes because there was time. Then Matt asked me for a ride or something and I remember having to think if I could help them both out AND get to the scheduled meetings on time. Matt was acting weird in the dream - as if he was acting as a character in some story he was writing - and gave me a message, but didn’t reveal everything about the plot. I also remember playing with some kind of black collapsible plastic box with three compartments as I spoke with him.  


I gave Sean a ride (unexpected) following day in waking life.

06/20/2014: Finally.

Finally had a memorable dream.

I have had dreams all week, but forget them upon waking or they have been REALLY boring (like the one where I get frustrated with the “picture” button on my remote control and how none of the four settings actually fits my needs).

Last night, I had a dream that goes with a possible random sci-fi plot idea about dreaming. It was a dream that “explained” to the character (played by me) that she couldn’t remember the dreams because she was part of some government program that she wasn’t supposed to remember, but her dream blogging has included too many things that was from the program.

*rolls eyes*

Some scenes that she was supposed to forget:

  • Standing on some kind of metal bleachers/ramp for a photo with a large group in military uniforms
  • Sitting next to a line of people having a conversation with someone about getting a new uniform (the uniform the character was wearing was REALLY worn and frayed)
  • An interesting scene about “infiltrating” and gathering information about someone or group by becoming a resident of a college dorm. I remember guys playing video games and I was carrying a large duffel bag. Upon waking, I wondered, why wouldn’t I carry a normal back pack?


Another dream I remember was about being in/pushing a cart in Appalachia somewhere. If it wasn’t for the Ohio-shaped state route signs, it could have been another state. I remember a sign for State Route 90. I kept having issues riding the cart down the steep hills to propel me up the next. I found out that there was an electrical component to the carts to help get the cart up the hills.

There was a part where I was looking around near some train tracks. The lights started flashing and the arms started going down. I didn’t want to be on that side of the tracks for a long time, so I pushed the cart across just in time to avoid getting hit by the train. I remember seeing the shadows of winter trees through the shadows of of the train. I wanted to find a way to record it.

There was another part about missing some appointment (from a paper invitation with lavender and pink elements) that had to do something with Hawaii (I questioned how I’d afford that). Charlie* was somehow connected. There was also a fuzzy cyan chair in it.

* Name was changed.